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The ideal solution for those who require the overhead space and often require a pass door.

Side Sectional Door Benefits


You get more.

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More overhead Space

A practical solution for those who require the overhead space in their garage. An impressive feature of this system is the integrated pass door function. This means it is not always necessary to fully open the garage door, for example to gain access to push a bike into.

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Integrated Pass door

We like to call the side sectional door the door with the free door function. Because, when it opens to the side, a gap is enough for you to enter the garage. If you have left something behind or just want to have a quick look, you don‘t need to open the entire garage door. And it also makes the installation of a door for an additional charge unnecessary. A Normstahl side sectional door impresses with its material quality, workmanship and long life. And because the extremely flat renovation floor rails can be mounted directly on the finished floor, the installation activities can also be completed at no great expense.


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