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Roller Door Benefits

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Established technology with new benefits

The durable and flexible design protects roller doors against wind and weather, unauthorised visitors as well as needless concern about handling your garage door. Because Normstahl roller doors have important safety functions, such as an emergency stop if obstacles are detected, and are easy to operate. They don’t just look good – the aluminium construction ensures a permanently neat appearance that requires virtually no maintenance.

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A great solution for tricky renovations

Roller doors are often used when a garage is being updated or renovated and the lintel height does not permit the use of another Normstahl door. The installation of a roller door box is possible from a lintel height of 245 mm.

An unusual shape to the garage opening may also be one of the reasons to choose a roller door, as a roller door will always fit, no matter whether there are bends or slopes.

There is no threshold – it is easy to walk and drive into the garage.

Make the most of your garage door space

A space-saving and efficient solution for buildings and garages. The durable yet flexible design protects Normstahl roller doors against wind, weather and unauthorised visitors.

Normstahl roller doors come in many different colours and with different model variations. It is the ideal door to implement in difficult garage door settings with little space. The sturdy aluminum casing ensures that your roller door will last for years to come while minimising maintenance.